4 Great Ideas for Marketing with Custom Vinyl

Custom vinyl lettering and other vinyl decals can make for killer advertising—and yet they’re often underused. Vinyl decals have three major advantages for marketing:

  • Low cost
  • Eye catching
  • Usable almost anywhere

So what can you do with vinyl stickers? Here are four ways to put this budget-friendly marketing device to great use:

  1. Advertisement on the go. A simple but incredibly valuable use of custom vinyl lettering and decals is putting them on an automobile. For the fraction of the cost of a custom paint job, your ordinary car becomes a branded vehicle that will now serve as a mobile advertising platform. This can range from something as simple as your company name and website to a visually stunning advertisement.
  2. Window ads. Window space is valuable and it can be used hundreds of ways. While many businesses simply put the company name in the window, with custom vinyl lettering you can put up rotating sales and specials or seasonal messages. For larger companies, the windows of an office building can be turned into a billboard at little cost with oversize vinyl lettering.
  3. Branding an event space. Often your company will have a presence at a temporary location such as an event space. Whether you are a sponsor or a vendor at an event, you need to take maximum advantage of your visibility while you have it. Even if you don’t have a window to work with, custom vinyl lettering and vinyl decals can go on a variety of surfaces including metal to allow you to make sure your brand stands out. This is a tasteful way to mark your space as your own without a big budget.
  4. Creating illusions. Over the years vinyl decals have repeatedly been put to clever uses, and one of the most high impact is the use of optical illusions. Apple famously decked its store windows with decals of broken glass, making it look as if the store was a victim of a smash and grab break-in, to advertise how in demand its iPod was. Illusions make great marketing because people are caught off guard and instinctively stop to think about what they’re seeing.

These are just a few of the many creative ways you can put custom vinyl lettering to work for your own business. Has your company tried out vinyl decals yet? How did you use them?